Experience Monitoring Failures from Global Monitoring Points


After monitoring global monitoring points, their connection to the AppNeta Performance Manager service as well as the throughput of data being sent from the MP to the service we are confident that the issue has been resolved.


The majority of global monitoring point web paths have recovered with the remaining expected to come back shortly. Our team will continue to monitor this issue before concluding it to be resolved. Further details on the incident will follow. Thank you for your patience.


We have identified the issue and for affected web paths, monitoring is starting to be restored.


Our operations team continues to investigate this issue. The affected global monitoring points have been identified and we are working to identify the quickest approach to restore web path monitoring functionality.


We are aware of a defect introduced by this evenings release; Experience Monitoring tests from a subset of Global Monitoring Points are failing. We are actively investigating, and will provided updates as the become available.

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