CANCELLED: Non-Production Patch Deployment - CHG0589217

6 hours

This maintenance has been cancelled due to an issue identified during our QA process. We are working on addressing the issue and will send a new maintenance notification once a revised schedule is finalized.


This notification is to inform you that the Clarity SaaS team will be performing the following maintenance to improve the performance and reliability of Clarity SaaS.

  • Reference ID: CHG0589217

  • Service Impact: The service will be unavailable within the duration of the maintenance. Although the duration of this maintenance is scheduled for 6 hours, we anticipate the duration to be shorter. You will be notified upon completion.

  • Schedule: The upgrade will be performed at the start time listed in this maintenance announcement below.

  • Details: In an effort to address customer reported issues with our Clarity service, the Clarity SaaS team is applying a product patch to your environment. On or after April 7, 2022 you may review the list of issues resolved as part of this maintenance activity from the link below:

    Clarity Patch Readme

    Please navigate to Service Status to see a complete list of environments affected.

    This patch will be deployed in your Production environment during a later maintenance for which you will receive a separate notification.

    If you have any questions please contact Broadcom Support

    Thank you,

    Clarity SaaS Team

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    Affected components