EU Data Center Location Change

Thursday, 6 January 2 minutes

The scheduled maintenance has been completed.


Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.


This notification is to inform you that the Clarity SaaS team will be performing the following maintenance in late March 2022 for the Non Production environments, with a targeted completion of the Production environments in the early April 2022 timeframe.

You will receive separate notifications that will provide the exact date and time for the maintenance schedule of each environment.

Service Availability: The Clarity SaaS application will be unavailable during the maintenance duration.

Details: Broadcom will be performing infrastructure maintenance during this window. The maintenance will implement the following changes:

  • Google data center locations will be changed to Netherlands (primary) and Belgium (secondary) from Germany (primary) and England (secondary)
  • Both inbound and outbound application IP addresses will change. Due to security reasons IP addresses are not disclosed publicly nor in this communication

    Actions Required:

    Provide the change in data center location to your compliance team for review. The data center provider and related compliance standards remain unchanged.

    If your organization has deployed any IP address dependent configurations (i.e. integrations, whitelisting of application IP addresses, etc.), then those configurations need to be updated with the new IP addresses. Please complete the following steps:

  • Open a support case requesting the new IP addresses
  • Share the new IP addresses with your network team
  • Ensure the new IP addresses are added to your network configuration prior to or immediately after this maintenance is completed. The new IP addresses need to be added to allow inbound traffic from the new external facing addresses
  • Ensure any integrations utilizing IP addresses are updated to use the new IP addresses

    Impacts: If you have deployed IP addresses specific configurations then you will have service disruption till you perform the actions listed above.

    Note: All IP address ranges utilized by Clarity SaaS will change as part of this maintenance. This includes the IP addresses utilized by SFTP.

    If you have any questions, please contact Broadcom Support.

    Thank you,

    Clarity SaaS Team

  • Began at:

    Affected components
    • Clarity SaaS
      • Europe
        • Production-EU1-001
        • Production-EU1-002
        • Production-EU1-003
        • Non-Production-EU1-001
        • Non-Production-EU1-002
        • Non-Production-EU1-003