Clarity SaaS Maintenance - SFTP Whitelisting - CHG1462661 Americas

Saturday, 10 June 12 hours

The previously scheduled maintenance for SFTP IP Whitelisting is being canceled until further notice.

Thank you,

Clarity SaaS Team


  • Group: Production and Non-Production

  • Summary: The Clarity SaaS team will be performing the following scheduled maintenance to improve the Security of Clarity SaaS

  • Schedule: The maintenance will be performed at the start time listed in this announcement below.

  • Service Availability: The Clarity SaaS application will be available during the maintenance duration. However, the SFTP service for Production and Non-Production environments will be unavailable for the duration of this maintenance. This maintenance will occur during the previously scheduled June Monthly Maintenance window which may include other activities impacting service availability for which you will be notified via our standard notice.

  • Impacts: The IP address restriction will go into effect on June 10, 2023. Any systems or interfaces not included within the shared IP address list or range would be blocked from accessing the SFTP service.

  • Actions Required:

    • Customers Not Using SFTP: No Action is Required
    • Customers Using or Planning to use SFTP: Open a Support case to provide the requested IP address information by May 15, 2023

  • Reference ID: CHG1462661

  • Details: In an effort to strengthen the security of Broadcom’s SaaS Service, we require all customers that use the SFTP service, share a list or a range of IP addresses from which the SFTP connection is initiated. When this maintenance is completed, only those IP addresses shared with Broadcom will be able to connect to the SFTP service. For full details see this KB Article

    If you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please contact Broadcom Support.

    Thank you,

    Clarity SaaS Team

  • Began at:

    Affected components
    • Clarity SaaS
      • United States
        • Production-US1-001
        • Production-US1-002
        • Production-US1-003
        • Production-US1-004
        • Production-US1-005
        • Production-US1-006
        • Production-US1-007
        • Production-US1-008
        • Production-US1-009
        • Production-US1-010
        • Production-US1-011
        • Production-US1-012
        • Non-Production-US1-001
        • Non-Production-US1-002
        • Non-Production-US1-003
        • Non-Production-US1-004
        • Non-Production-US1-005
        • Non-Production-US1-006
        • Non-Production-US1-007
        • Non-Production-US1-008
        • Non-Production-US1-009
      • Canada
        • Production-CA1-002
        • Non-Production-CA1-002