AppNeta - Some monitoring policy created paths failing to monitor


Broadcom Engineering has monitored and validated the state of the affected paths and confirmed that they are now working as expected.


This issue has been addressed through via software patch. Broadcom Engineering will keep this open through the night as we monitor the issue.


Please Note: Broadcom Engineering will be addressing this issue this evening via emergency maintenance. For details, please see this status page.


Broadcom Engineering has identified an issue affecting all application nodes which is causing paths with specific IP addresses and configured through monitoring policy rules targeting specific IP addresses to fail to monitor. Specifically, paths created through monitoring policy rules that target an IP address range which contains either "32" or "128" in the CIDR block will experience this issue and fail to monitor.

We have identified the root cause of this issue and are preparing an emergency patch to address this issue.

Began at:

Affected components
  • AppNeta
    • AppNeta Application Nodes - North America
      • App-01
      • App-02
      • App-03
      • App-04
      • App-05
      • App-06
      • App-07
      • App-08
      • App-09
      • App-10
      • App-11
      • App-12
      • App-13
      • App-14
      • App-15
      • App-16
      • App-17
      • App-18
      • App-19
      • App-20
      • App-21
      • App-22