Elevated Failure Rate for EMV3DS Challenged Transactions


Arcot confirms that the elevated rate in challenge transaction failures observed earlier now stands resolved.

We are closing the incident response with this update and if you have any questions regarding this Service Advisory, please contact Broadcom Support by clicking here.


Arcot confirms that the present investigation led to an ongoing incident on the Visa / Cardinal side. Arcot continues to stay engaged with Visa and is also closely monitoring the transaction's health and recovery.

We shall get back to you with the next update by 17:30 HRS GMT.


Arcot monitoring has detected an elevated rate of challenge transaction failures. Our internal teams are engaged at this point who are investigating and also working on service recovery on priority.

Impact: Transactions that do not require a challenge step (frictionless) will not be impacted. The cardholder may experience increased latency while being challenged causing the cardholder to abandon the purchase or an error in the challenge window will be presentedIf 'Attempts' processing is not available for this transaction, it is likely that the cardholder may be have been prompted for another payment method.

We shall get back to you with the next update by 16:15 HRS GMT.

Began at:

Affected components
  • Arcot
    • Arcot for Issuers (AfI)
      • Secure2
      • Risk Analytics
      • SecureF
      • Secure4
      • Secure7
      • Secure5
      • SecureT