Web Security Service Announcement - Capacity Expansion Chennai (GINCH) IP network

15 minutes

The scheduled maintenance has been completed.


Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.


Note: Correction to the new egress network IP range.

Symantec, a division of Broadcom, will add a new IP network for the Chennai (GINCH) data center on August 30, 2020. Content providers and customers will see connections to and from the new IP space once it goes live.

The new ingress IP address is:

The new egress network IP range is:

Impact During the maintenance period, all aspects of our services are expected to function as normal.

Required Action If end user connectivity to WSS is regulated by stringent firewall rules, those firewall rules should be adjusted to allow traffic to pass to the new IPs prior to the go-live date. In addition, any third party application provider who regulates connections by source IP should be updated to accept connections from the new IP space to ensure WSS traffic passes unencumbered.

Please visit these KB articles for a full list of IP networks used by WSS including the new addresses being communicated in this service announcement:

· Worldwide data center IP addresses: https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article?legacyId=TECH242979

· Authentication / egress IP addresses: https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article?legacyId=TECH240889

Questions? If you have further questions regarding this announcement, contact Technical Support. Support information is located at: https://support.broadcom.com/security

For real time updates and status visit and subscribe to Broadcom Service Status: https://wss.status.broadcom.com

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