Clarity SaaS Scheduled Upgrade - TEST IGNORE

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The scheduled maintenance has been completed.


Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.


Maintenance will begin as scheduled in 60 minutes.


This notification is to inform you that the Clarity SaaS team will be performing the a scheduled release update of Clarity SaaS as posted in the published upgrade schedule found here.

Reference ID: CHG0068269 Service Impact: Access to Clarity SaaS will not be available for the duration of the schedule. Schedule:: The upgrade will be performed at the time listed above. Details: Broadcom will be performing a release update of Clarity SaaS to the following version: 15.9.0

IMPORTANT: Prior to the scheduled release update start date/time, it is recommended to pause any jobs and resume after the release update has completed in the environments indicated above. Post the release update completion notification, you may resume any scheduled jobs.

For more information about this Clarity release, please reference the following product documentation:

CLARITY PPM - 15.9.0

Release Comparison

Change Impact and Upgrade

If you have any questions, please reference the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) included on the Upgrade Schedule for Clarity SaaS page or contact Broadcom Support..

NOTE: Some Clarity SaaS customers have reported performance issues related to the new "Favorites" feature introduced in 15.9.0. With this in mind, the "Favorites" feature has been disabled. This feature will be enabled once the issue has been addressed in a future patch/release of Clarity SaaS.

Thank you,

Clarity SaaS Team

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