ENTERPRISE EDR Event Processing degraded performance


Description: VMware Carbon Black Engineering teams have confirmed the issue is now resolved and services are operating as intended. This incident is now resolved and this is the final communication.

Impact: None.


VMware Carbon Black Engineering teams continue to see reduction in processing delays. However, they are still present. To ensure continued improvement we will extend monitoring the services for the next 1 hour.


Description: VMware Carbon Black Engineering teams have identified and mitigated an issue regarding Endpoint Standard & Enterprise EDR customers in US Prod environment and are observing improvement and recovery of the services. However, to ensure stability we will monitor the services for the next 2 hours.

Impact: Event/Watchlist/Alert processing is currently degraded for Endpoint Standard & Enterprise EDR customers.


Security Impact: This is a delay in processing, there is no impact to security efficacy.

For any incident updates please visit https://status.carbonblack.com/

Start time - October 19th, 14:00 UTC

Next Update: 60 minutes or upon earlier status change

We are working diligently to restore the service back to normal performance. We thank you for your patience as we identify and resolve the issue.

VMware Carbon Black Team

Began at:

Affected components
  • Carbon Black
      • US 1
        • Event Processing
      • US 2
        • Event Processing
      • US 5
        • Event Processing
      • US
        • Enterprise EDR Event Ingestion
        • Enterprise EDR Event Processing
        • Enterprise EDR Watchlist and Reporting
        • Enterprise EDR Watchlist Processing