Action Required: URL for Broadcom authentication changing

23 hours and 59 minutes

Broadcom has now completed the URL authentication changes. Federated single-sign-on (SSO) customers can now begin to make changes as per this knowledge article..

Should there be any issues with authenticating against Broadcom's authentication system after the changes have been made to the federated SSO, please contact Broadcom Support.


Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.


Please be advised that the date/time for this maintenance has been changed. The impact however remains unchanged.

Here is the updated schedule:

Updated Schedule

  • Start Date: March 13, 2021, at 09:00 UTC
  • End Date: March 14, 2021, at 09:00 UTC

  • Scheduled

    Symantec's integration with Broadcom has presented operational and business opportunities. This enables us to sharpen our focus on delivering industry-leading security software for our customers. To help with this, we are standardizing the authentication URL for Broadcom platforms.

    What is changing? Broadcom’s authentication service provider URL is changing as follows:

    Current URL: New URL:

    When is Broadcom making this change? March 13, 2021

    Action Required for Federated Single-Sign On (SSO) Customers We are working to ensure that the migration is as seamless as possible. A few simple actions are required from federated customers due to this standardization. The required actions are dependent on your authentication tool, please find instructions here. These actions should be taken on March 14, 2021.

    In addition to the changes to the authentication, Broadcom also recommends that customers update their bookmarks with the new URL.

    Impact If you do not make the changes in your Identity Provider (IdP) configuration as per these instructions, you may experience authentication issues when trying to access Broadcom resources such as the Support Portal and product applications (e.g. Clarity PPM, Rally, SEP Mobile, etc.).

    For additional questions and details please reference this knowledge article and/or your SSO/IT team for assistance in making these changes.

    Thank you for your continued partnership and for choosing Broadcom as your security and software solutions.

    Best Regards, Broadcom

    Began at:

    Affected components
    • Edge Secure Web Gateway
      • Time Services
      • Licensing
      • Trust Package
    • Intelligence Services / WebFilter
      • WebPulse Automation Toolkit
      • Threat Explorer
      • WebFilter Database Downloads
      • Site Review
      • Priority Rating Service
      • WebPulse
      • Licensing
      • File Reputation Service
      • Intelligence Services Database Downloads
    • Secure Access Cloud
      • Management Portal - Americas
      • Management Portal - Europe, Middle East & Africa
      • Connectivity PoD - Americas
      • Connectivity PoD - Europe, Middle East & Africa
    • Web Isolation
      • Email Security - US West (Oregon)
      • Email Security - EU (Ireland)
      • Cloud Secure Web Gateway - AP-SOUTHEAST (Singapore)
      • Cloud Secure Web Gateway - AP-NORTHEAST (Tokyo)
      • Cloud Secure Web Gateway - AP-SOUTHEAST (Sydney)
      • Email Security - US East (N. Virginia)
      • Cloud Secure Web Gateway - EU-WEST (Paris)
      • Cloud Secure Web Gateway - US-WEST (Oregon)
      • Cloud Secure Web Gateway - SA-EAST (São Paulo)
      • Cloud Secure Web Gateway - EU-CENTRAL (Frankfurt)
      • Cloud Secure Web Gateway - EU-WEST (London)
      • Cloud Secure Web Gateway - US-EAST (N. Virginia)