Email Maintenance for EMEA/NAM Infrastructure on April 5, 2023 through April 14, 2023

9 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.


The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


As part of our continuous efforts to improve security, Broadcom is performing phased TLS maintenance from April 5, 2023 through April 14, 2023. During the maintenance period, we will gradually disable TLS renegotiation for TLS enforcements when the initial connection is started using older/weak ciphers. Once complete, any connection controlled by TLS enforcements, if initiated with a weak cipher will be met immediately with a 451 message. This change will be made gradually across our email infrastructure, hence the larger maintenance time frame. We have monitored email flow and TLS over the past few weeks, and we have not observed any usage of the TLS renegotiation feature, as clients and third parties are using modern, strong ciphers when starting TLS connections.


There will be no impact on security scanning and email traffic delivery. All other aspects of our services are expected to function as normal.

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