Notice of Name Changes to SWG Solutions

Friday, 18 November 2 hours

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.


The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


We would like to let you know about a set of name changes you’re likely to see within your Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solutions. The changes reflect the achievement of the Symantec product team in bringing together a formerly broad set of technologies into a single product that enables data-centric hybrid network security for our most complex and demanding customers.

March 1, 2021, marked the general availability of Symantec Web Protection Suite, an innovative solution that offered all of the following:

  • Edge SWG (formerly ProxySG) software licenses
  • Cloud SWG (formerly Web Security Service) licenses for all users
  • Advanced Intelligence Services
  • Application Visibility & Control
  • Deep File Inspection
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Cloud Firewall Service
  • Management & Reporting software

In the summer of 2021, we lowered the minimum user requirement to address small business needs while changing the Edge SWG core allocation to have virtually no limit.

In November of 2021, we discontinued the sale of component SKUs for Web Security Service and ProxySG software. In this motion of consolidating to a single SWG solution for all Symantec customers, we simplified the name to Symantec Web Protection.

Our next step is to remove the legacy names Web Security Service and ProxySG from our consoles, user guides, support, and training material. The capabilities continue unchanged but will be referred to as Cloud Secure Web Gateway (or Cloud SWG) and Edge Secure Web Gateway (or Edge SWG) in customer-facing UI and documentation.

What is changing?

  • Customers who use our Support and Status sites will continue with the same experience as they do today, understanding that the Web Security Service (WSS) brand is being removed, but the Symantec Cloud SWG capability remains.
  • ProxySG, ASG, and ISG branded software will see a phased change to Symantec Edge SWG naming.
  • The underlying technology is not changing, and we continue to innovate.
  • The single purchase option – Symantec Web Protection – will not change.

When is Broadcom making this change?

The change is effective immediately. While the name change is underway today, it will not be reflected in all content, user interfaces, or web pages overnight. As most of our customers would expect, we are prioritizing feature enhancements over renaming. However, when there’s an opportunity to do both or make a change that does not slow down our development team, we will. We also realize that there are older SGOS versions for Edge SWG that will not be updated. We anticipate SGOS hardware naming to happen with version 7.4, we but do not think customers should wait on upgrading for the new name and miss out on recently included new features, such as High-Risk Isolation, TLS 1.3 support, and many other enhancements.

Action Required

No action is required. We appreciate your patience while we make these product changes and apologize for any potential naming conflict in the interim.


Changes could potentially cause some confusion for customers who have not renewed their subscription to Symantec Web Protection. If you are not familiar with our flagship SWG solution that includes both Edge SWG and Cloud SWG capabilities, please contact your account team.


Questions? Contact technical support by visiting:

For service status and maintenance updates, visit and subscribe to Broadcom Service Status:

Thank you for your continued partnership and for choosing Broadcom as your security and software solutions.

Began at:

Affected components
  • Cloud Secure Web Gateway
    • Point of Presence (POP) - Americas
      • Buenos Aires, Argentina (GARBA)
      • Columbia, South Carolina (GUSCO)
      • Dallas, Texas (GUSDA)
      • Des Moines, Iowa (GUSDM)
      • Las Vegas, Nevada (GUSLV)
      • Los Angeles, California (GUSLA)
      • Mexico City, Mexico (GMXMC)
      • Montreal, Canada (GCAMO)
      • Portland, Oregon (GUSPO)
      • Sao Paulo, Brazil (GBRSP)
      • Toronto, Canada (GCATO)
      • Washington, DC (GUSAS)
      • Bogota, Colombia (GCOBO)
    • Point of Presence (POP) - APAC
      • Auckland, New Zealand (GNZAU)
      • Bangkok, Thailand (GTHBA)
      • Beijing, China (ACNBJ)
      • Delhi, India (GINDE)
      • Hanoi, Vietnam (GVNHA)
      • Hong Kong (GCNHK)
      • Islamabad, Pakistan (GPKIS)
      • Jakarta, Indonesia (GIDJK)
      • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (GMYKL)
      • Manila, Philippines (GPHMA)
      • Melbourne, Australia (GAUME)
      • Mumbai, India (GINMU)
      • Osaka, Japan (GJPOS)
      • Seoul, South Korea (GKRSE)
      • Shanghai, China (ACNSH)
      • Singapore (GSGRS)
      • Sydney, Australia (GAUSY)
      • Taipei, Taiwan (GTWTA)
      • Tokyo, Japan (GJPTK)
    • Point of Presence (POP) - Europe And The Middle East
      • Abu Dhabi, UAE (GAEAD)
      • Amsterdam, the Netherlands (GNLAM)
      • Ankara, Turkey (GTRAN)
      • Athens, Greece (GGRAT)
      • Brussels, Belgium (GBEBR)
      • Bucharest, Romania (GROBU)
      • Copenhagen, Denmark (GDKCP)
      • Dover, England (GGBDO)
      • Dubai, UAE (GAEDX)
      • Dublin, Ireland (GIEDU)
      • Frankfurt, Germany (GDEFR)
      • Helsinki, Finland (GFIHE)
      • Lisbon, Portugal (GPTLI)
      • London, England (GGBLO)
      • Madrid, Spain (GESTO) ( Previously Madrid, Spain (GESMA))
      • Manama, Bahrain (GBHMA)
      • Milan, Italy (GITMI)
      • Milan, Italy (GITMO)
      • Nicosia, Cyprus (GCYNI)
      • Oslo, Norway (GNOOS)
      • Paris, France (GFRPA)
      • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (GSARI)
      • Stockholm, Sweden (GSESK)
      • Tel Aviv, Israel (GILTA)
      • Valletta, Malta (GMTVA)
      • Vienna, Austria (GATVI)
      • Warsaw, Poland (GPOWA)
      • Zurich, Switzerland (GCHZU)
      • Ljubljana, Slovenia (GSILJ)
      • Zagreb, Croatia (GHRZA)
      • Belgrade, Serbia (GSRBE)
      • Tallinn, Estonia (GEETA1)
      • Vilnius, Lithuania(GLTVI)
      • Riga, Latvia (GLVRI)
      • Dammam, Saudi Arabia (GSADA)
    • Point of Presence (POP) - Africa
      • Abuja, Nigeria (GNGAB)
      • Accra, Ghana (GGHAC)
      • Algiers, Algeria (GDZAL)
      • Cairo, Egypt (GEGCA)
      • Dakar, Senegal (GSNDA)
      • Gaborone, Botswana (GBWGA)
      • Harare, Zimbabwe (GZWHA)
      • Johannesburg, South Africa GZASO (Previously Johannesburg GZAJB)
      • Lilongwe, Malawi (GMWLI)
      • Luanda, Angola (GAOLU)
      • Lusaka, Zambia (GZMLU)
      • Maputo, Mozambique (GMZMA)
      • Nairobi, Kenya (GKENA)
      • Port Louis, Mauritius (GMUPL)
      • Rabat, Morocco (GMARA)
      • Tunis, Tunisia (GTNTU)
      • Windhoek, Namibia (GNAWI)
    • Portal & Reporting
      • Software Download Licensing
      • Cloud Portal
      • Log Transfer Services
      • Management UI
      • PAC File Management System (PFMS)
      • Reporting Services and Portal Dashboards
      • API Services
      • Symantec Secure Login
    • Global Services
      • WebPulse
      • SCIM Service
      • Web Isolation
      • DLP Cloud Detection
      • CASB Gatelets
      • Data Center Selection  Services
      • Global Intelligence Network
      • Anti-Malware Scanning
      • Malware Analysis Sandbox
      • Agent Access
      • Entitlement Management
    • FedRAMP
  • Edge Secure Web Gateway
    • Time Services
    • Licensing
    • Trust Package
    • Content Analysis Server
    • Edge Secure Web Gateway (Edge SWG)
    • High Risk Isolation (HRI)
    • Advanced Secure Gateway
    • Policy Services Subscription