Cloud SWG: Multiple DataCenters Maintenance August 9, 2023

Wednesday, 9 August 3 hours

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.


The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


Please be advised that the date/time for this maintenance has been changed. The impact however remains unchanged. Here is the updated schedule:

Updated Schedule

  • Start time: August 09, 2023, at 20:30 UTC
  • End time: August 09, 2023, at 23:30 UTC

On August 9, 2023 we will be performing maintenance on the following sites between 04:00 UTC and 09:00 UTC.

  • Johannesburg(GZAJB),
  • London(GGBLO),
  • Dublin(GIEDU),
  • Tel Aviv(GILTA),
  • Frankfurt(GDEFR),
  • Milan(GITMI),
  • Bucharest(GROBU),
  • Brussels(GBEBR),
  • Paris(GFRPA),
  • Dover(GGBDO),
  • Warsaw(GPOWA)


CFS and Service Access Cloud (SAC) service will be unavailable for brief period of time during the maintenance window

Reporting Problems

If you experience issues following this maintenance, contact Technical Support. Support information is located here or on the main Cloud SWG Portal page.

For real time updates and status visit and subscribe to Broadcom Service Status.

Began at:

Affected components
  • Cloud Secure Web Gateway
    • Point of Presence (POP) - Europe And The Middle East
      • Brussels, Belgium (GBEBR)
      • Bucharest, Romania (GROBU)
      • Dover, England (GGBDO)
      • Dublin, Ireland (GIEDU)
      • Frankfurt, Germany (GDEFR)
      • London, England (GGBLO)
      • Milan, Italy (GITMI)
      • Paris, France (GFRPA)
      • Tel Aviv, Israel (GILTA)
      • Warsaw, Poland (GPOWA)
    • Point of Presence (POP) - Africa
      • Johannesburg, South Africa GZASO (Previously Johannesburg GZAJB)