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Monday, 17 July 5 minutes

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Broadcom is proud to announce the public preview of the Symantec Enterprise Agent which delivers our complete set of network traffic redirection capabilities. With the attainment of complete feature parity, the new agent replaces the WSS Agent v9, which is the final major release for the WSS Agent platform. The WSS Agent will remain available for download through the Cloud SWG portal until it reaches its End of Maintenance (EOM) date (see WSS Agent Version Support Policy).

This public preview release is intended for testing and feedback, and should not be broadly deployed into a production environment.

To download this version, sign into the Cloud SWG portal and navigate to Connectivity > WSS Agent. The download is available in the Symantec Enterprise Agent (Preview) portion of the Agent Installer section.

Features and Improvements

  • The Symantec Enterprise Agent includes full feature parity with WSS Agent v9.x.

Supported Environments

  • Windows x64 (additional supported platforms will be announced at a later date)


  • The new look and feel will be different than what users are accustomed to.
  • As this is a preview release, some instability is expected.


Available now for testing.

For more information, including the WSS Agent support policy, see Recent WSS Agent Releases.

More Information About the Symantec Enterprise Agent

The Symantec Enterprise Agent is our new consolidated endpoint agent platform. It reduces agent compatibility and conflict issues, maintenance overhead, and endpoint resource utilization by delivering multiple security technologies via a single installer, updater, and management plane. The following additional capabilities are planned:

  • Support for Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec DLP Endpoint components
  • Ability to adopt any combination of components in any order
  • Native LiveUpdate support for safely pushing updates into the install base

As each component is added to the Symantec Enterprise Agent, the respective legacy agent will be retired.

For more information, see About the Symantec Enterprise Agent.


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