Service Status Migration to new platform on May 9, 2022

Monday, 9 May 2 hours

Broadcom's Unified Service Status migration has been completed. We are pleased to welcome you to our new platform that provides a streamlined experience for our customers.

We would recommend visiting the website and clicking on 'Manage subscription' which will log you in and you can view your services. You can also subscribe your number via SMS, configure Slack and Microsoft Teams.


The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.


Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.



Service Status Migration to new platform. Click here for complete details.


Broadcom Service Status is a pivotal component of our customer experience to provide enterprise level support. With over 18 software products supported today and thousands of subscribers, our existing platform has outgrown the demand.

We are therefore excited to share that beginning May 9, 2022, we are launching our new Unified Service Status platform. Some of the highlights include a single website; single subscription workflow; and an improved user experience. For further details click here.

Action required Broadcom will automatically migrate your existing subscription(s) from the previous platform to the new platform.

You will need to ensure that you bookmark as this will now be the single URL that will be used. You should also consider whitelisting the notification email,

All SMS notifications will come from a single number.


  • Start time: May 9, 2022 at 08:00 UTC
  • End time: May 9, 2022 at 10:00 UTC

  • Began at:

    Affected components
    • Cloud Secure Web Gateway
      • Point of Presence (POP) - Americas
        • Buenos Aires, Argentina (GARBA)
        • Columbia, South Carolina (GUSCO)
        • Des Moines, Iowa (GUSDM)
        • Las Vegas, Nevada (GUSLV)
        • Los Angeles, California (GUSLA)
        • Mexico City, Mexico (GMXMC)
        • Montreal, Canada (GCAMO)
        • Portland, Oregon (GUSPO)
        • Sao Paulo, Brazil (GBRSP)
        • Toronto, Canada (GCATO)
        • Washington, DC (GUSAS)
      • Point of Presence (POP) - APAC
        • Auckland, New Zealand (GNZAU)
        • Delhi, India (GINDE)
        • Hong Kong (GCNHK)
        • Jakarta, Indonesia (GIDJK)
        • Melbourne, Australia (GAUME)
        • Mumbai, India (GINMU)
        • Osaka, Japan (GJPOS)
        • Seoul, South Korea (GKRSE)
        • Singapore (GSGRS)
        • Sydney, Australia (GAUSY)
        • Taipei, Taiwan (GTWTA)
        • Tokyo, Japan (GJPTK)
      • Point of Presence (POP) - Europe And The Middle East
        • Abu Dhabi, UAE (GAEAD)
        • Amsterdam, the Netherlands (GNLAM)
        • Brussels, Belgium (GBEBR)
        • Bucharest, Romania (GROBU)
        • Copenhagen, Denmark (GDKCP)
        • Dover, England (GGBDO)
        • Dubai, UAE (GAEDX)
        • Dublin, Ireland (GIEDU)
        • Frankfurt, Germany (GDEFR)
        • Helsinki, Finland (GFIHE)
        • London, England (GGBLO)
        • Madrid, Spain (GESTO) ( Previously Madrid, Spain (GESMA))
        • Milan, Italy (GITMI)
        • Oslo, Norway (GNOOS)
        • Paris, France (GFRPA)
        • Stockholm, Sweden (GSESK)
        • Zurich, Switzerland (GCHZU)
      • Point of Presence (POP) - Africa
        • Johannesburg, South Africa GZASO (Previously Johannesburg GZAJB)
      • Portal & Reporting
        • Software Download Licensing
        • Cloud Portal
        • Log Transfer Services
        • Management UI
        • PAC File Management System (PFMS)
        • Reporting Services and Portal Dashboards
        • API Services
        • Symantec Secure Login
      • Global Services
        • WebPulse
        • SCIM Service
        • Web Isolation
        • DLP Cloud Detection
        • CASB Gatelets
        • Data Center Selection  Services
        • Global Intelligence Network
        • Anti-Malware Scanning
        • Malware Analysis Sandbox