AUDIT & REMEDIATION - JAPAN Public API and Result Processing Unavailable


Services remained stable during the monitoring period and there were no issues reported. This incident is resolved and there will be no further updates.


VMware Engineering team have applied the fix successfully and the services are operational. To ensure stability, we will monitor the services for the next 1 hour.


VMware Engineering team has identified a potential problem and is working towards applying the fix. APIs are working fine while team is still working on result processing component. More updates shall be provided within 60 minutes or as available.


Description: CARBON BLACK CLOUD AUDIT & REMEDIATION - JAPAN Public API and Result Processing are currently unavailable. Customers will not be able to run new queries or retrieve query results.

Security Impact: Security efficacy is not compromised due to this issue.

Next Update: 60 minutes or upon earlier status change

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We are working diligently to restore the service back to normal performance. We thank you for your patience as we identify and resolve the issue.

VMware Carbon Black Team

Began at:

Affected components
  • Carbon Black
      • JAPAN
        • Audit & Remediation Public API
        • Audit & Remediation Result Processing