Intermittent drop in incoming transaction traffic

After 2 hours and 13 minutes

We have not observed any service disruption in the last 60 minutes. Further details will be shared in the updated incident report. Please feel free to reach out to you Customer Success Manager or Support to request a copy.

After 1 hour and 40 minutes

We have seen no events resulting in drop of incoming traffic since the last notification. That said, we continute to watch all monitoring systems closely for any discrepencies and will report if we see anything untoward.

After 1 hour and 11 minutes

We have had a couple of more instances of traffic loss since the last update. We have our teams engaged to understand the full implication and work on recovery policies. Again, this is drop in scheme incoming traffic so scheme stand-in would have been invoked for 3D Secure traffic.

After 34 minutes

We saw some transaction loss (scheme traffic) since the last notification but services are stable now. These woud likely present as scheme stand-ins for Issuers who have opted for the service.

We will keep you posted on how this is progressing.


We are observing intermittent drops for traffic coming in from card schemes. It currently appears to be recovered but we continue to be watchful.

Began at:

Affected components
  • Arcot
    • Arcot for Issuers (AfI)
      • Secure2
      • SecureF
      • Secure4
      • Secure7
      • Secure5
      • SecureT
    • Arcot for Digital Banking (AfDB)