Beijing (PEK1) Data Centre Unavailable

After 12 hours and 30 minutes

Beijing (PEK1) data centre is fully operational. This incident is resolved

After 5 hours and 27 minutes

As of 00:30 UTC, the Beijing (PEK1) data center is now fully operational. We continue to monitor the data centre performance. We will provide an additional update as new information becomes available.

After 1 hour and 11 minutes

We have identified the underlying cause impacting the data centre connectivity and are actively working to restore the services. We will provide additional updates as new information becomes available.


The Beijing (PEK1) data centre is currently unavailable. We are investigating the issue and will provide additional information as new information becomes available. IPSEC customers are requested to bring up their secondary tunnel (if configured) while we work towards resolving this incident.

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