Email Delays for CASB/DLP Integration Customers (NAM Infrastructure)


We have monitored the service for stability and this incident shall now be closed.


During our investigation, we have identified that this issue only impacted outbound emails, and there was no impact to inbound mail. Outbound emails may have been queued on customer servers.

We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.


Between January 18, 2024 at approximately 09:10 UTC and January 19, 2024 at 07:03 UTC, a small subset of NAM Email infrastructure (US Cluster 9) experienced mail delays. Inbound and outbound emails processed for DLP/CASB integration customers during the incident timeframe may have experienced delayed email delivery. As of January 19, 2024 at 07:03 UTC, queued emails have been successfully delivered and we are no longer experiencing any further delays.

Please note that there was no impact to protection services, and all other aspects of our services remained functional. We continue to closely monitoring the email service and we will provide updates as new information becomes available.

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