ACTION REQUIRED: Upcoming certificate expiry for Data Upload Tool

Wednesday, 26 July 15 minutes

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.


The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


The URL certificate expires on 1 Aug 2023. To ensure the continued operation of Arcot’s Data Upload Tool (DUT) the following steps must be completed to trust the new certificate. These steps must be completed by 24 JUL 2023 to ensure service continuity after Arcot installs the renewed certificate at 0500 GMT on 26 JUL 2023. The root and intermediate are retained to minimize the need of any action and also this notification can be ignored if DUT is not used on the customer side.

To obtain the certificates, follow the link to our knowledge base and download the file listed

Next Steps As an acknowledgement, please inform Broadcom CSM/PM or raise a support case that:

  1. You have received the renewed certificates properly (as sometimes they are corrupted)
  2. There is no action or the action required at your end with an ETA so we can line up downstream plans accordingly

We appreciate your confirmation adhering to the timelines to ensure there is no impact. If you have any questions, kindly get in touch with your designated CSM, PM or the Support team.

Implementation Specifics


Arcot offers two options for uploading data; one is a DUT client server application (also referred to as DUCCMD or Data Upload Tool) and the other is DUT Web Services using the SOAP messaging protocol. ** Updated Certificates**

  • Leaf Certificate:
  • Intermediate Certificate: DigiCert_EV_RSA_CA_G2.crt
  • Root Certificate: DigiCert_Global_Root_G2.crt

DUT Client server application

If the issuer is using Arcot’s DUT Client server application over SSL, then please complete the following changes on the server which has DUT Client installed. The paths to the certificates mentioned in the following steps assume that the DUT has been installed to the default path defined in the installation instructions. The path of installation is stored against an environment variable named ARCOT_HOME. Replace the root certificate in the ssl folder with the new root certificate. By default, the path will be: Windows: %ARCOT_HOME%\ssl UNIX: $ARCOT_HOME/ssl Open the upload.ini file in a text editor. By default, the path to the upload.ini file is: Windows: %ARCOT_HOME%\conf UNIX: $ARCOT_HOME/conf Update the value of serverCACert parameter in upload.ini to the absolute path of the root certificate.

DUT Web Service

Depending on the language (Java, C++) in which your in-house DUT client has been implemented, you may need to import the root and intermediate certificates to the trust store. These can vary between the system level or a custom trust store based upon the implementation.

If you have any questions, kindly create a case through the Broadcom Support Portal ( .

Sincerely, Arcot Support Team

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