AppNeta Performance Manager Service Upgrade

Tuesday, 23 January 2 hours

This upgrade windows has been completed successfully, with the exception of the app-19 application node, which has been rolled back to the previous release.


The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.


The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


Please Note: this maintenance window is a follow-up to the deployment window on January 17th, during which Broadcom Engineering experienced an issue during deployment and subsequently rolled back to the prior release. During this window, we will move the AppNeta platform forward to the expected release.

Also please note that the timing for this window is 8pm - 10pm EST.


Every two weeks, we deliver the latest updates to AppNeta Performance Manager.

  • For a brief time during this window, you may not be able to log in.
  • The upgrade will not produce any gaps in your Delivery or Usage monitoring history, however there may be a small gap in Experience monitoring history (typically no more than 10 minutes) at the time your instance is upgraded.
  • Advanced Voice Assessments and Voice/Video Tests that are either scheduled to start or are running during this window will need to be restarted.
  • Report schedules will be paused during this window, so any reports scheduled to run at this time will be missed.

Release notes are available here:

Thank you!

AppNeta Operations

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Affected components
  • AppNeta
    • AppNeta Application Nodes - North America
      • App-01
      • App-02
      • App-03
      • App-04
      • App-05
      • App-06
      • App-07
      • App-08
      • App-09
      • App-10
      • App-11
      • App-12
      • App-13
      • App-14
      • App-15
      • App-16
      • App-17
      • App-18
      • App-19
      • App-20
      • App-21
      • App-22
    • AppNeta - Global Functionality
      • AppNeta - Login
      • Experience Monitoring
      • Delivery Monitoring
      • Usage Monitoring
      • AppNeta - APIs
    • AppNeta Monitoring Points and Targets
      • Containerized Monitoring Points
      • Native Monitoring Points
      • Physical Monitoring Points
      • Virtual Monitoring Points
      • Global Monitoring Points
      • Global Monitoring Targets
    • Help and Resources
      • AppNeta Documentation Portal
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      • AppNeta Help Desk