Email Delivery Issue to


Microsoft has identified the cause of the issue and have implemented a fix. They will now monitor the service. We request customers to follow Microsoft Status Page moving forward for further updates:


While Microsoft continues to work on this issue, we have identified that impacted customers are unable to send emails to users with an domain distribution list. Individual emails to users are not impacted.

All Email Security Services continue to remain operational and Microsoft is working to address this issue. For more information on the fix being worked on by Microsoft, please follow their updates here:


We are currently experiencing issues delivering emails to a small subset of customers/recipients using email addresses. Our investigation shows the issue is on Microsoft's end.

All Email Security Services are functioning without issue and all the emails which are not being delivered to will be queued. Broadcom will continue to hold emails while Microsoft addresses the issue.

We will provide further updates once we have more information available.

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