New Stockholm Data Center Announcement

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The scheduled maintenance has been completed.


The Symantec Web Security Service Team is pleased to announce the move from our current Stockholm data center to a new data center also in Stockholm, featuring our next-generation architecture which dramatically increases the actual, and potential, capacity of the data center. This new high capacity data center will come online today, after which we will have a two month transition window wherein both data centers will be available. It is critical that affected customers make plans to switch to the new data center during the two month transition window.

The VIP for this new Stockholm data center is:

The new data center will retrieve content using the following source IP networks: • • • The last day the old Stockholm data center will be available for use is 9 January 2019. Prior to this date it’s crucial that customers reconfigure their connections to use the new Stockholm VIP. No action is required for customers using connectivity methods that rely on DNS or Symantec’s Cloud Traffic Controller such as Unified Agent or Proxy connections to These connections will automatically be switched over to use the new Stockholm data center on 26 November 2018.

Customer Action If connectivity from your network(s) to the Web Security Service is regulated by firewall rules, these rules must be adjusted to allow traffic to pass to the new data center VIP. In addition, please ensure that any sourced-based access controls applied by you or your vendors are updated to reflect the new source IP networks (listed above) to ensure WSS traffic can pass unencumbered.

Customers connecting via IPSec should transition to the new VIP as quickly as possible. The old VIP will only be available for 60 days after the new VIP is online.

Questions? If you have questions regarding this announcement, contact Technical Support. Support information is located at or on the main Web Security Service Portal page of

Please visit the Trust Page for periodic updates and to see other status of the service. Web Security Service Team

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