Enterprise Monitoring Point Connectivity Disruption

After 9 hours and 46 minutes

Connectivity has been restored on all the affected Monitoring Points, and we have validated that Experience and Delivery monitoring has fully recovered.

After 3 hours and 39 minutes

We are applying the fix to all affected application clusters - each will experience a brief outage, of up to 15 minutes.

After 1 hour and 17 minutes

The issue has been identified, and a fix is being tested.


During post-upgrade sanity checks an application issue affecting Enterprise Monitoring Point connectivity was detected. A small subset of Enterprise Monitoring Points are impacted, first beginning around 20:15 EDT.

Affected Monitoring Points show as disconnected in AppNeta Performance Manager, with no Delivery or Experience monitoring data (and associated alerts) presently available for them. Usage monitoring is unaffected by this issue.

We are investigating, and will post more details as they are available.

AppNeta Operations

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