Service degradation for Arcot for Merchants (AfM)


After further due diligence, it has been confirmed that recovery is complete and there are no outstanding problems with any service components for AfM.

More details on root cause will be shared in due course.


Investigation is in progress and it has been confirmed that Arcot synthetic monitoring transactions are going through uninterrupted and test transactions initiated by the team have been processed successfully as well.

Further analysis is underway to determine if there was an intermittent system issues in order to be able to confirm that service is stable. No external traffic is seen at this point.

Next update will follow at 15:18 GMT, 05 November 2020


It has been observed that there is degradation on the AfM service component causing impact to transaction processing. Teams have been engaged to work on recovery.

Next update will follow at 14:48 GMT, 05 November 2020

Began at:

Affected components