ENDPOINT STANDARD US 5 Event Processing Degraded - Investigating Cause


This incident has been resolved.


A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.


We are continuing to investigate this issue.


Description: ENDPOINT STANDARD US 5 Backend may take longer than normal to process latest events uploaded from an endpoint by ENDPOINT STANDARD US 5 Sensor. Events and/or Alerts in ENDPOINT STANDARD US 5 Dashboard may populate with a delay.

Security Impact: Prevention capabilities of ENDPOINT STANDARD US 5 are unaffected. Visibility of events and alerts related to Prevention and Detection may be temporarily delayed until normal operation of Event Processing is restored.

For any incident updates please visit https://status.carbonblack.com/

Next Update: 60 minutes or upon earlier status change

We are working diligently to restore the service back to normal performance. We thank you for your patience as we identify and resolve the issue.

Carbon Black Team

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