Cloud SWG: PFMS SSL Cipher Maintenance - Action Required

Friday, 29 September 14 minutes

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.


The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


On September 29, 2023, Broadcom will end-of-life a group of SSL ciphers used by the Cloud SWG PAC File Management System (PFMS). SSL ciphers are cryptographic algorithms used to secure data in motion between clients and websites. The SSL ciphers being removed are no longer considered effective. Removing antiquated ciphers is a standard platform management task that we conduct on an as-needed basis. Deprecating antiquated SSL ciphers helps to ensure that your data in motion remains private.

The following ciphers will remain active following this action. Make sure that at least one is supported in your client environments:



The vast majority of users will not be impacted because they use modern browsers and operating systems that leverage effective SSL cipher suites. However, it is possible that some legacy browsers or operating systems will be unable to connect to PFMS after this change, including these:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and earlier, which includes and any Windows version that relies on IE11 for web requests (Windows 7, Windows 8.1, & Windows Phone 8.1)
  • macOS 10.10 and earlier

Required Action

Upgrade any affected clients to a browser/OS that supports one or more of the ciphers above, before September 29, 2023.


Questions? Contact technical support by visiting: For service status and maintenance updates visit and subscribe to Broadcom Service Status:

Began at:

Affected components
  • Cloud Secure Web Gateway
    • Data Centers - Americas
      • Las Vegas (GUSLV1)
      • Buenos Aires (GARBA1)
      • Columbia (GUSCO1)
      • Des Moines (GUSDM1)
      • Portland (GUSPO1)
      • Sao Paulo (GBRSP1)
      • Los Angeles (GUSLA1)
      • Mexico City (GMXMC1)
      • Washington, DC (GUSAS1)
      • Montreal (GCAMO1)
      • Toronto (GCATO2)
    • Data Centers - Asia Pacific
      • Sydney (GAUSY1)
      • Taipei (GTWTA1)
      • Tokyo (GJPTK)
      • Wellington (GNZWL)
      • Melbourne (GAUME)
      • Mumbai (GINMU1)
      • Osaka (GJPOS1)
      • Seoul (GKRSE1)
      • Singapore (GSGRS1)
      • Auckland (GNZAU1)
      • Delhi (GINDE)
      • Hong Kong (GCNHK1)
      • Indonesia (GIDJK11)
      • Shanghai (ACNSH1)
      • Beijing (ACNBJ1)
      • Shanghai (ACNSH2)
      • Beijing (ACNBJ2)
    • Data Centers - Europe, Middle East & Africa
      • Abu Dhabi (GAEAD1)
      • Stockholm (GSESK1)
      • Copenhagen (GDKCP1)
      • Dover (GGBDO)
      • Tel Aviv (GILTA1)
      • Tel Aviv (GILTA2)
      • Turin (GITTU1)
      • Dubai (GAEDX1)
      • Dublin (GIEDU1)
      • Frankfurt (GDEFR1)
      • Helsinki (GFIHE1)
      • Johannesburg (GZAJB1)
      • Madrid (GESMA1)
      • London (GGBLO1)
      • Milan (GITMI1)
      • Munich (GDEMU)
      • Oslo (GNOOS1)
      • Amsterdam (GNLAM1)
      • Belgium (GBEBR11)
      • Bucharest (GROBU1)
      • Paris (GFRPA1)
      • Zurich (GCHZU1)
      • Riyadh (GSARI)
      • Ankara (GTRAN)
      • Warsaw (GPOWA)
    • Portal & Reporting
      • PAC File Management System (PFMS)