Change of Certificate Authority used by the Email infrastructure

61 days

The scheduled maintenance has been completed.


We would like to remind our customers to follow the steps that were previously communicated in order to ensure mail delivery is not impacted by the certificate authority changes. Please see the notification below for background and refer to the KB articles linked below for additional steps.


As part of the DigiCert acquisition of Symantec’s Website Security and related PKI solutions, our digital certificates will now be issued from the DigiCert public certificate authority. We expect to issue all new public TLS certificates from this hierarchy starting from November 28, 2017.

Impact Any certificates issued/renewed across the Email infrastructure from this date forward will use the DigiCert public roots. In most cases, this change will not cause an issue, however some customers may have configured their MTAs to trust only specific root certificate authorities; these customer’s MTAs would fail to connect to Symantec’s Email if their servers don’t trust the DigiCert public root certificate.

Action required Review the following KB articles: INFO4655 to learn more about the Web PKI Hierarchy change INFO4722 to learn more about how this change affects the Email service

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