This incident has been resolved.


As of 19:10 UTC we have successfully deployed changes to the mail infrastructure. We will monitor the service closely for the next couple of hours and will post a final update by 21:30 UTC.


We have successfully deployed changes to a significant portion of the mail infrastructure. We estimate the remaining subset of infrastructure will be completed shortly and we will provide another update at 20:00 UTC or sooner if pertinent information becomes available.


The remediation steps were successful and will be deploying these changes to the remaining infrastructure. We estimate this process can take a number of hours to complete, however we will provide a further update at 1800 UTC.


Based on the findings from our investigation so far, we are deploying a fix to a part of the EMEA infrastructure. We will monitor it closely and take the necessary mitigation steps as required. The next update can be expected at 15:30 UTC or earlier if pertinent information becomes available.


We have identified a potential fix to resolve the intermittent delivery failure and we are currently testing the solution. We will provide another update after confirming the solution.


Symantec is aware of a problem where some customers of our Policy Based Encryption Zix service may experience intermittent email delivery failures when sending encrypted emails. We are working internally to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and should be able to provide an update on resolution in the next 3 to 4 hours.

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