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Rally Customers, We understand that some of you have experienced periods of instability with the Rally platform in the recent past. There are 2 areas that we have been working on to address the underlying challenges: Database (DB) changes to enable some planned functional enhancements - changes in our backend database has resulted in disruption in our existing DB update processes which have been essential to accomplish the planned functional enhancements. We are actively doing retrospectives and gathering learning to update our current processes to reduce service outages. In addition, we are working on enhancing our User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment to be able to catch any such potential issues in pre-production first. Upgrade required in 3rd party software - we encountered a bug in our load balancing software. We upgraded it in order to fix a high severity security issue, but despite extensive testing we are running into this bug only in the production environment. We are implementing a temporary workaround in the production environment and will be upgrading to a newer version of the software as a longer-term solution. We are also reviewing our development and change control practices to see if there are any additional improvements we can make to continue to improve our system stability. We take these incidents very seriously and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, which also includes service reliability and availability. Each of these outages or P1 defects triggers a post-event retrospective process that involves identifying the root cause of the issue and determining the required measures to avoid similar issues in the future. Thank you very much for your patience as we work through these issues. Regards, Rally product team

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