VMware Aria Automation Schedule Maintenance

Saturday, 18 November 2 hours and 30 minutes

The scheduled maintenance has been completed.


Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.


Following features are available in Aria Automation 8.14.1

Customer Asks

Additional warning for Resize day2 action: Resize day2 action now has a warning to highlight that if hot-add is not enabled on vCenter, the machine will be rebooted and out of service during the time of reboot. When hot-add is enabled, user has the options to choose to reboot or not with resize action, with "not reboot" as the default option.

Support on-prem SCM (Gitlab Enterprise) for VCT from vRA Cloud: Gitlab enterprise endpoint was not supported in Aria Automation cloud. This feature enables users to configure Gitlab enterprise as an endpoint for repo. Cloud Templates, Terraform scripts, ABX services can be imported from Gitlab enterprise.

Support OVF properties for OVFs in vCenter Content Library: OVF properties for OVF/OVA images in vCenter content library are supported in VCT using the property 'ovfProperties' available on the vSphere Machine resource. OVF properties for OVF/OVA images in vCenter content library are also shown in image mappings.

Public Cloud

Enable CCI for existing Aria Automation SaaS customers in US region: Following the General Availability of Cloud Consumption Interface (CCI) in prior release, this feature enables CCI for all Aria Automation SaaS customers in US region without requiring them to activate vSphere+ developer experience. Note that having at least one vCenter connected to vSphere+ is a requirement for CCI and as of August 2023 release, admins can add a vSphere+ connected vCenter cloud account directly from Aria Automation Assembler UI.

Azure machine network and data disk: The most commonly used Azure resources such as compute, network and data disk are now supported through plugin based approach. Flavor mapping and image mapping is supported for compute resources. Image helper and Flavor helpers can also be used with compute resources. Power on and Power off day 2 actions can also be performed on compute resources. Plugin based framework also supports creating of network and data disks.

Azure storage accounts: It is possible to create Storage account in Aria Automation using plugin approach. The storage accounts can be modified and deleted. All properties for storage accounts are available in Aria Automation.

Azure SQL Database: Azure SQL database is supported using plugin based approach. All properties for Azure SQL database are supported. The service should be available to deploy Azure SQL database. In this release, only create update and delete DB is supported. The operations on DB is performed by user specified in the DB properties

VMware Cloud

Vulnerability Pre and Post Remediation Actions UI: Users can now employ Salt state files within the file manager to specify a pre-state before initiating vulnerability fixes. Additionally, an optional post-state can be set for actions following the completion of remediation. This feature facilitates the automation of tasks commonly performed during system patching that may require reboots or additional steps for successful remediation.


Create Service Broker Catalog Item based on VM Template from vSphere+: With the release of Cloud editions we have a new integration that enable to quick and easy creation of Service Broker Catalog Items based on a VM template from vSphere+. As a VI Admin when you get requests to create new VMs you have the decision of doing this through manual creation of the VM on each request or giving users access to the vCenter where their template resides, neither of these options is great. With this new integration you can quickly create a robust Service Broker Catalog Item that can be shared with end users and reused as needed. As a VI Admin you get to automate this redundant task, and the peace of mind knowing that Aria Automation will dynamically place this VM based on the best availability in your cluster.

Start Time: November 18, 2023 08:00 UTC End Time: November 18, 2023 10:30 UTC Duration: 150 mins

Impact: Services may be unresponsive/requests may intermittently fail for brief periods.

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Affected components
  • VMware Cloud Services
    • VMware Aria
      • VMware Aria Automation
        • Asia Pacific (Japan)
        • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
        • Asia Pacific (Singapore)
        • Asia Pacific (Sydney)
        • Canada (Central)
        • Europe (Frankfurt)
        • Europe (London)
        • South America (São Paulo)
        • US West (Oregon)