Web Security Service General Maintenance Announcement

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The scheduled maintenance has been completed.


Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.


Symantec, a division of Broadcom, will be conducting general maintenance to the Web Security Service. During this maintenance event all services will remain operational and available.

Timing The maintenance window will run from July 20, 2020, with an estimated completion date of September 2, 2020. All maintenance will occur between 18:00 and 06:00 local data center time.

Customer Impact The following describes what happens to connected clients, depending on access method used:

  • Explicit proxy / Unified Agent / Proxy Forwarding: The service automatically redirects connections to active data pods within the same data center or geographic location. This is for information only, and the customer does not need to take any action.

  • IPSec: A short fail-over delay may occur as the load balancer directs traffic to another active data pod within the data center. This is for information only, and the customer does not need to take any action.

    Reporting Problems If you experience issues following this maintenance, contact Technical Support. Support information is located at https://support.broadcom.com/security or on the main Web Security Service Portal page at https://portal.threatpulse.com/.

    For real time updates and status visit and subscribe to Broadcom Service Status: https://wss.status.broadcom.com

  • Began at:

    Affected components
    • Cloud Secure Web Gateway
      • Point of Presence (POP) - Americas
        • Buenos Aires, Argentina (GARBA)
        • Columbia, South Carolina (GUSCO)
        • Des Moines, Iowa (GUSDM)
        • Los Angeles, California (GUSLA)
        • Mexico City, Mexico (GMXMC)
        • Montreal, Canada (GCAMO)
        • Portland, Oregon (GUSPO)
        • Sao Paulo, Brazil (GBRSP)
        • Washington, DC (GUSAS)
      • Point of Presence (POP) - APAC
        • Auckland, New Zealand (GNZAU)
        • Hong Kong (GCNHK)
        • Mumbai, India (GINMU)
        • Osaka, Japan (GJPOS)
        • Seoul, South Korea (GKRSE)
        • Singapore (GSGRS)
        • Sydney, Australia (GAUSY)
        • Taipei, Taiwan (GTWTA)
        • Tokyo, Japan (GJPTK)
      • Point of Presence (POP) - Europe And The Middle East
        • Abu Dhabi, UAE (GAEAD)
        • Amsterdam, the Netherlands (GNLAM)
        • Bucharest, Romania (GROBU)
        • Copenhagen, Denmark (GDKCP)
        • Dubai, UAE (GAEDX)
        • Dublin, Ireland (GIEDU)
        • Frankfurt, Germany (GDEFR)
        • Helsinki, Finland (GFIHE)
        • London, England (GGBLO)
        • Madrid, Spain (GESTO) ( Previously Madrid, Spain (GESMA))
        • Milan, Italy (GITMI)
        • Oslo, Norway (GNOOS)
        • Paris, France (GFRPA)
        • Stockholm, Sweden (GSESK)
        • Zurich, Switzerland (GCHZU)
      • Point of Presence (POP) - Africa
        • Johannesburg, South Africa GZASO (Previously Johannesburg GZAJB)