Cloud SWG: Ashburn (FGUSAS1) Data Center Failover Testing (FedRAMP Infrastructure)

2 hours

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.


The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.



Please take a note of a schedule change for FedRAMP Ashburn (FGUSAS) data center failover test. This test will now begin on November 13, 2023 starting at 23:00 UTC, lasting for a duration of up to 2 hours.


The FedRAMP Ashburn (FGUSAS) Cloud SWG site will undergo a data center failover test beginning on November 13, 2023 starting at 22:00 UTC, lasting for a duration of up to 1 hour. Failover testing is conducted on a regular basis to ensure the platform can gracefully handle a real outage. Carefully review the information below to avoid disruption of service.


  • The service will automatically redirect WSS Agent connections to alternate infrastructure (Portland - FGUSPO) during the testing window.

Cloud SWG Portland (FGUSPO) egress IP ranges (provided for convenience; there are no changes):


Required Action

Prior to November 13, 2023, please ensure that your agents can connect to any Cloud SWG data center to maximize failover opportunities. Failure to make these changes could prevent users from connecting to Cloud SWG, accessing third party web applications, or authenticating against the service using the Auth Connector (where applicable).

  • Firewall rules regulating connectivity to/from your network to Cloud SWG should be adjusted to allow traffic to pass to the IP network listed above.
  • Third party applications that regulate connections by source IP address should be updated to accept connections from the IP network to ensure traffic proxied through Cloud SWG can reach the applications.
  • Auth Connector must be able to communicate with all IP range listed above, on TCP 443, where applicable.

Technical Support

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