Action Required: Hosted Reporting SCP Key Change (Rescheduled Change Window)

Friday, 1 March 1 hour

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.


The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


As previously communicated, Symantec is making an update that will affect all Hosted Reporting customers. As part of a continuous program to improve the security posture of the Symantec products and services, several outdated TLS ciphers are being removed from the secure upload service.

Please take a note of a schedule change.This change was previously scheduled for January 31, 2024. The deployment for APAC region has been completed while the change for EMEA and US regions will be performed any time after March 1, 2024. Please take actions as described below.

Impact / Required Action

This requires that the Server Key associated with the service be rotated, and all customers must trust a new Server Key on their Edge SWG (ProxySG) devices or in scripts. The process is manual, but you can complete it at any time in advance of the key rotation with no outages or restarts needed. If the new key is not trusted at the point the key is rotated, uploads to the hosted reporting service fail until the new key is trusted.

Note that you only need to configure this for the IP address of the regional upload host you are using.

The list of hosts/IP addresses can be found here: Cloud Web Gateway - Reporting Migration to the Google Cloud Platform

We have updated kb article instructions on February 7, 2024. If you already performed the required actions, you are requested to revisit the article and perform the actions again. For detailed instructions on how to perform the steps via Edge SWG or Management Center, follow this updated article.


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Affected components
  • Cloud Secure Web Gateway
    • Portal & Reporting
      • Cloud Portal
      • Log Transfer Services
      • Management UI
      • Reporting Services and Portal Dashboards