We have monitored the service for stability and this incident shall now be closed.


The Cloud SWG engineering team has rolled-out a fix to the CTC globally which has reduced the load and significantly decreased the 502 error response rate to WSS Agent requests.

Currently, all user experience impacting issues were resolved, however we are continuing to monitor the CTC service to ensure normal user experience across all of the globally deployed CTC instances.

For WSS agents which had a successful connection in the past - there will be a delay in the initial connection of the agent, until it reverts to the previously successfully connected data-center, after several failed CTC requests.

For newly deployed WSS agents which never had a successful connection to a Cloud SWG data-center, the connection requests will continue to be retried until a successful response from CTC is provided.


We are currently investigating an issue with Cloud Traffic Controller (CTC). A subset of customers using WSS Agent may experience service interruption. All other connections methods continue to be fully operational.

We are currently investigating the cause of this issue and will provide updates as new information becomes available. All other aspects of the service is functioning as normal.

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